5 trends for Office Interior Design in 2017


5 Trends for Office Interior Design in 2017

As the battle for talent becomes more and more competitive, companies need to consider how they can invest in staff retention and productivity. One of the ways in which they are doing this is by investing in the environment of their workplace.

When employees spend a significant amount of time in the office it is vital that the working environment increases productivity. The aesthetics of a building can hugely impact upon staff productivity, either improving it by 12.5% or affecting it negatively by as much as 17%. That is a difference of up to 30% in staff productivity in the best and worst office interiors. Maris-Interiors believe that the difference between the success and failure of a company could depend on the office design.

With this in mind, we are exploring the top office interior trends in 2017 and which companies have designed innovative office spaces based on these trends.

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Fuze Interiors have outlined the 5 trends of 2017’s office designs as such:

1. Flexible Layouts: Offices should have multiple working areas which can be used for different tasks.
2. Future-Proof Design: For a workforce to be flexible, the furniture also needs to be able to adapt to the ever-changing working environment.
3. Integrated Technology: Work spaces should be able to evolve to integrate new technology.
4. Design for Productive well-being: The design of an office should be based around the well-being of its staff.
5. Outdoors in: Bringing nature into an office will ultimately contribute to the staff’s well-being. When workers are spending around 8 hours a day inside an office, plants help to purify the air.

Here are 3 companies which have used these trends in their office interiors to date:

Squarespace HQ, New York.

squarespace-offices-interior-design-print-shop-conversion-aplusi-a-and-i-new-york-usa_dezeen_2364_col_3(Image via Dezeen)

In October, 2016 Squarespace revealed their innovative working space for their staff. Squarespace worked together with A+I on the project to create a working space which would reflect their tech brand. Anthony Casalena, Squarespace founder and CEO, requested that the space was “imbued with texture, richness and warmth”. The office captures many of Fuze Interiors office trends, such as, bringing the outdoors in. The office has many plants and in contrast to the concrete features in the office, they have also added oak wood panels, which add warmth. As seen in the above image, the office also offers areas for flexible working.

squarespace-offices-interior-design-print-shop-conversion-aplusi-a-and-i-new-york-usa_dezeen_2364_col_21 (1)

(Image via Dezeen)

Squarespace even offer their employees an open rooftop where they can have meetings and also socialise. A+I co-founder Dag Folger believes that Interior Design in an office space has a positive impact on productivity.

Our designs purposefully spread out the spaces where people do their work, their thinking, their collaborating and their socialising… This has proven to be very impactful and positive for the work flow”.

Currency Cloud, London.


(Image via OfficeLovin’)

In November 2016, CCWS Interiors collaborated with Currency Cloud to renovate their London office. Like Squarespace, Currency Cloud now have a flexible working space to suit any task.

Although they do not have many real plants, they have tried to bring nature in to the building by adding artificial grass in their “break-out” area. The office is full of vibrant colours and big windows which provide a lot of natural lighting. According to HOK vibrant colours within an office can contribute to the hiring and retention of staff.

CCWS believes this office is “a future-forward office fit out that would shake any worker out of the traditional routine”.


(Image via OfficeLovin’)

Unidays Head office, Nottingham.


(Image via Proici Commercial Interiors)

The Unidays office in Nottingham, were one of the first to invest in their office space and in 2015 they worked closely with Proici Commercial Interiors. Unidays office has been inspired by nature, they have a “zen carpet” which can be seen in the photo above, as well as Oak features and a treehouse meeting and break space. To top it off, the tree house even has climbing element made from cargo net.

(Image via Proici Commercial Interiors)

The working space also provides flexible working areas on the stairs and in the tree house. The office also offers a significant amount of natural lighting to ensure staff feel closer to nature.

It appears that more businesses are taking the time to invest in their office working environment in order to retain its staff as well as maintain a high performance. It seems increasingly apparent that Interior Design can influence people’s mood and energy on a conscious and subconscious level.

It appears that this theory is working so far for Squarespace and Creative Cloud and hopefully there will be many other offices who can use Interior Design to improve their company culture and work environment.

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